Please Pray for Graham!

This is one of the hardest post I have ever had to write. I do feel it is necessary, though, to get the word out to pray, pray, pray!!

This is Graham.

He is the son of one of my very best friends. She & I went to high school together & then we were college roommates. She is the sister I never had. That’s how much I love her.

Graham was in a horrific drowning accident Wednesday evening! Right now he is in the PICU & desperately needs prayers & a miracle! The doctors say that his organs are functioning properly but they are worried about his brain. The good news is so far it has not swelled & the blood flow is good.

Tonight this sweet angel will be weaned from some of his meds so that they may check for brain function. Everyone’s prayer is that his function will be perfect & that God will be the miraculous one that he is in a complete healing of baby Graham. His family is aching right now & really needs this miracle.

If you could please, lift them up in prayer! Not only the family but the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists & any other person that is taking such good care of him in the PICU. Pray that tonight will go smoothly & he will be on the road to a perfect healing.

click here for his update!

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One WHOLE Decade!

I am sitting here trying to write the most sentimental post but I am having a super hard time! You see, I’m in denial. Why? Well, lets go back a few years. Ok, how about 10 to be exact.

Ten years ago today I gave birth to the most precious baby boy you could ever lay your eyes on. He was huge but all 8lbs 11oz was all mine. I was so terrified, but excited all at the same time. If I said his birth was easy I’d be lying but really, when is giving birth easy?

Seriously though, he was PERFECT. I got to watch him grow into this amazing little creature that went from not doing much to rolling over, to sitting up then eventually walking, running & talking. It was the most amazing thing ever. I was so thrilled that this was my new journey in life.

Next came pre-school, getting a new baby sister, kindergarten & his first t-ball & soccer games. This was the part of life I had been waiting for. The time where my love of sports would show in him. Well, not exactly how I had pictured it but he got out there & did his best. I mean, playing with the dirt at 1st base is doing your best, right?

After kindergarten his school years kind of blend together. Mainly because they just go so darn fast! First grade started a new school & a teacher that we adored so much. Second grade brought a new baby brother & the love of sports started clicking more & more. Third grade brought a boy that was in love with reading & was an awesome speller. He certainly did not get his love of reading from me but I am beyond excited he loves it.

That brings us to the present, 4th grade. Where today is the day I have been in denial about. This is the day that he turns 10. Seriously, TEN? I know it sound cliche’ to say, “How can this be? Where did the time go?” But this is how I truly feel. How in the world can it have already been a WHOLE decade since I gave birth to that precious little baby boy?

I tried not to weep today because I know that I cannot slow down his growth. I did have a mild panic attack when I let my mind wonder into the future a bit this afternoon with things like, “In 3 years he will be a teenager.” & “In 6 years he will be DRIVING!” Then before I could go any further because trust me I could have, I remembered that right this very second we are just at 10. The rest will come soon enough. Much sooner than my liking.

Connor is the sweetest boy I could have ever asked for. He has had some tough times but we have always come out on top & better for having that learning lesson. I know that he is going to be such a loving young man one day. I pray for him every night that he will stay just the way he is right now in his heart. Because it is the kindest heart I have ever seen.

Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet, sweet Connor!

From the one you used to call ‘ommy!! It is still my favorite way you used to say my name. Even if you have replaced it with just a simple ol’ Mom! You will never know how much love I have for you!!!

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Scenes from the Golf Course!!!

One of the Hubsters new pass times is playing golf! He has been playing for a few months now but just recently I decided to accompany him on 18 holes! Much to my surprise, it was so much fun! I was nervous about the golf cart but after driving it for a few minutes I instantly became his chauffeur for the rest of the day!

Yesterday we had no plans of going until we walked outside & felt how awesome the weather was. It wasn’t sunny but it was so cool out that we just couldn’t pass it up. The course where he plays is just beautiful! I could stay out there all day when the weather is like it was yesterday.

This is definitley something I can see us doing t for many, many years to come! I may not play, for now, but it is a time that we can spend together, just us.

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Week One!

I’m happy to say I made it thru week one of my weight loss/get healthy journey! I’m actually very proud of myself because I am actually more determined than I have ever been about this.

I have worked out 5 days out of the week which is EXCELLENT compared to what I was doing. Which was nothing. Deciding to go to the gym at my school was really one of the best things. Several of my classmates have been going as well so this gives me a way to stay accountable. I have done ok on my eating as well. I won’t say that I have been perfect but it has definitely been better. My next big mission is to eliminate soda! Now I know that I will have one every now & then but I can’t drink them everyday like I am now. Granted, I only have one a day while at school but I need to stop!

I weighed in this morning & I lost 0.5 lbs! I will say I completely thought I lost more but the plus is that I didn’t gain. It was also that TOM so that doesn’t help in the loss department!!! I will probably have a bigger loss next week due to that as well!!! I feel I am on the right track! Slow & steady wins the race in this instance!!! I did use My Fitness Pal almost everyday to track my food! That is one area that I must get better in because I forget to track small things that add up quickly.

I am excited to add some strength training into my workouts this week! My arms are out of control & need some definition. I know it will take time to get that but you’ve got to start somewhere, right???

This next week will be a great one! I’m happy about where I’m at & I can only make it better!!! I refuse to go back to the way I was!!!

Besides myself, this little boy is one of the reasons I am doing this!!! Love his sweet handprints!!!!!

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Tales from my phone!!!

When Kendall gets a hold of my phone,  I get tons of pictures like this!!!

No need for clothing while watching The Wiggles!

Rainbows & Sunsets to remind us of God’s promises!
Girls who get there drivers license!!!
And a frog in the dogs water bowl!!!
These are all just reminders to me that life happens in ways that I wouldn’t change for the world! Even when the cutest 20 month old boy leaves a trail of baby powder ALL.OVER.MY.HOUSE!
This picture does not do it justice!
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A Date to the ♥ Walk

This morning the Hubster & I got to have a date!! It started earlier than any other date we have ever had! We got up at 4am to leave by 5am to drive to Dallas for the American Heart Association Heart Walk! Since we are on our way to becoming healthier, we thought it was the perfect way to keep us going!!

This is something his company participates in every year! The CEO believes strongly in this cause because his father died of heart disease! He has vowed to help get his company not only heart healthy but all around healthy!

It all started out in the building above!! They go out of their way to make every employee & families feel right at home!! We had food & water before the walk started along with lots of goodies to take home with us! It was so neat to see all of the levels of workers all in one place talking & mingling amongst each other!! Today, no one had a title. It was just normal people coming together for a great cause!! It was amazing to see!!!

After the walk they had different vendors that you could visit for free goodies!! There was a nice healthy lunch, all natural yogurt & smoothies for dessert, flu shots, wellness screenings (and don’t worry, there was licensed medical staff doing all of this. His company has a staff nurse that organizes it!). I got a much needed chair massage & so did the Hubster!

It was an all around great day!! It is not often we get to spend time just the two of us!! So, if I have to get up at 4am for that to happen then so be it!!! We are already planning next years walk! Can’t wait!!!

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Time for some TRUTH!!!!!

So I’m just going to put it all on the line here!!


Ok now that that is out I feel better already!!

Many say that I am not “fat” just overweight! Truth is, I am fat for me! I could blame it on baby weight but my “baby” is 20 months old! It is just me saying for a very long time that I was going to lose weight & being too lazy to follow thru! I was just thinking yesterday that Connor is going to be 10 yrs old in October &I have been trying to lose weight since before I became pregnant with him. INSANE! I cannot see why I just can’t DO IT already!

To be completely honest, it makes me sick. I have “tried” to do this so many times just to revert back to old habits. But really I didn’t try hard enough. I talked a good talk but never actually put forth the effort to make it happen. I get caught up in what everyone else eats & wants that I just don’t put myself first! Seriously?? Who does this? Oh yeah, Moms! But if I’m not taking care of myself how can I take care of them! Pretty cliche, but TRUE!!!!!

It also doesn’t help that my clothes are starting to get WAY to tight for my liking!! I am NOT going to go out & buy bigger clothes!! I just can’t justify that! Not to mention the scrubs I have to wear in a few weeks! The last time I wore them they were snug. I’m sure they would be more snug now! Not buying more of them either unless it’s a smaller size!!!! 
So, in order to make it to my goal I MUST eat healthy & workout like nobody’s business!!! That is the part I loathe the most! I know it doesn’t take that much time to do but I just feel like I have a thousand other things I could be doing instead, like homework or being Mommy! It all boils down to dedication & I figure if I can spend hours on facebook or pinterest, I can spend 20-30 minutes or longer working out!!!

The college I go to has a gym that for students is FREE!!! Sad thing is, it is right next door to the building I’m in everyday & I have never taken advantage of it!! That all ends now! Everyday that I am at the school I will be in the gym after my classes are over! I have to do it! Then on the days I am not at the school (in clinicals) I will be doing this….

Oh YES!!!! I am going to make sure that Jillian kicks my backside in gear!!!!! I won’t do the 30 days consecutively but I will do them!! I am surprisingly excited to do this. It’s time for a HUGE change within me! No extreme diets, no crazy workouts. Just me eating healthy & a back to the basics workout to help me shed the weight.

I will be tracking my food on my My Fitness Pal app on my phone!! And you guessed it, I’ve done this one before too!!! I was going to do Weight Watchers again because I know it works, but just like the gym, there are no funds for that right now!!! My fitness pal is free & suits my needs just fine!!!

I will be updating here to keep myself accountable! I may also even vlog my weigh-ins so there is NO cheating on my part!! A video doesn’t lie like one lies to themself!!!!! I will also have little mini goal motivators because instant gratification can get the best of me sometimes & that usually sabotages me!

My weight progressions will be posted on my side bar!! This way it’s out there & I can’t fudge it!! Also, I will post progression pictures for all to see at certain points along the way!!! I can’t wait to see the differences in my self!!!

Photo credits: Someecards for all the saying pic & Jillian Michaels for 30 day shred pic. I am in no way, shape or form being compensated for this post & all opinions are my own! Just a girl who is tired of being fat & these are the things I will use to lose this weight!!! Hoping to inspire a few people along the way too!!! 

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