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Today was the last day of school for my bunch!!! School drop off for my 1st & 4th graders for the last time!! It is going to be an awesome summer! We are moving next summer to a new town … Continue reading

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Halloween 2012

We started Halloween off by carving pumpkins! To be honest we did it very last minute on Halloween Eve! Kendall had really wanted to do it & we have just been so busy it didn’t happen. Not to mention the … Continue reading

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They did it!!

I don’t often post about Kristen here because she is a teenager & I like to give her some privacy! BUT this can NOT go undocumented!! She is in the marching band at her high school. This past Saturday they … Continue reading

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Almost time…..

In two and a half hours we willΒ embarkΒ on a new journey. We will make our way to the elementary school down the street for “Meet the Teacher” night. My 3rd grader & Kindergartner. While it does seem like this is … Continue reading

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Last Day of School

There is something magical about the end of the school year!! Awards, parties, concerts. It makes the month of May go by so quickly! But this year more than any other year, I am so glad it is OVER!!!! I … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween. It is a time of year that I get to be a kid through my kids!! Last night was no exception! Their excitement was enough for 40 people!!! My Ninja & Sweet Bride were all ready to … Continue reading

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