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Today was the last day of school for my bunch!!! School drop off for my 1st & 4th graders for the last time!! It is going to be an awesome summer! We are moving next summer to a new town … Continue reading

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School Eve!

Summer is over! Boo!! But we did it up right! We went to our local water park, had ice cream for dinner and had sweet sibling snuggles all before an insanely early bedtime that none of us are use to! … Continue reading

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Meet the Teacher

It’s official! School is about to start! Monday morning will come very quickly after today! Tonight we went to “Meet the Teacher”! The kids have been anticipating this day for a few weeks now. Kendall especially because she wanted a … Continue reading

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Sweet Sibling Love

This is quite possibly the sweetest picture I have EVER taken! I think it speaks for itself!

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Tooth Numero Dos

A few weeks ago Kendall lost her first tooth!! She couldn’t have been more excited than she was to realize the tooth fairy left her FIVE whole dollars!! Such a generous tooth fairy that came to visit! I warned her … Continue reading

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Halloween 2012

We started Halloween off by carving pumpkins! To be honest we did it very last minute on Halloween Eve! Kendall had really wanted to do it & we have just been so busy it didn’t happen. Not to mention the … Continue reading

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Almost time…..

In two and a half hours we willΒ embarkΒ on a new journey. We will make our way to the elementary school down the street for “Meet the Teacher” night. My 3rd grader & Kindergartner. While it does seem like this is … Continue reading

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