Today was the last day of school for my bunch!!!


School drop off for my 1st & 4th graders for the last time!!


It is going to be an awesome summer! We are moving next summer to a new town so we are going to make the most of our last summer in our hometown! We are very excited for our new adventure though!!!

We started off our summer right by busting out of school early!!! Not something I normally do but it was the last day, so why not?!?


Our first official outing was a trip to Chick-Fil-A!! Our favorite place to eat! We met my aunt there & one of her co-workers!! It was a great time!!!!!! She even brought the kids goodies for the end of school!!!


After that is was NAP time! Ok only for Clay but having some rest time wasn’t bad at all!!! Can’t wait for the fun adventures of this summer!! It’s going to be awesome!!

Oh and this girl…..


She turns SEVEN years old tomorrow!!!

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