Please Pray for Graham!

This is one of the hardest post I have ever had to write. I do feel it is necessary, though, to get the word out to pray, pray, pray!!

This is Graham.

He is the son of one of my very best friends. She & I went to high school together & then we were college roommates. She is the sister I never had. That’s how much I love her.

Graham was in a horrific drowning accident Wednesday evening! Right now he is in the PICU & desperately needs prayers & a miracle! The doctors say that his organs are functioning properly but they are worried about his brain. The good news is so far it has not swelled & the blood flow is good.

Tonight this sweet angel will be weaned from some of his meds so that they may check for brain function. Everyone’s prayer is that his function will be perfect & that God will be the miraculous one that he is in a complete healing of baby Graham. His family is aching right now & really needs this miracle.

If you could please, lift them up in prayer! Not only the family but the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists & any other person that is taking such good care of him in the PICU. Pray that tonight will go smoothly & he will be on the road to a perfect healing.

click here for his update!

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