Week One!

I’m happy to say I made it thru week one of my weight loss/get healthy journey! I’m actually very proud of myself because I am actually more determined than I have ever been about this.

I have worked out 5 days out of the week which is EXCELLENT compared to what I was doing. Which was nothing. Deciding to go to the gym at my school was really one of the best things. Several of my classmates have been going as well so this gives me a way to stay accountable. I have done ok on my eating as well. I won’t say that I have been perfect but it has definitely been better. My next big mission is to eliminate soda! Now I know that I will have one every now & then but I can’t drink them everyday like I am now. Granted, I only have one a day while at school but I need to stop!

I weighed in this morning & I lost 0.5 lbs! I will say I completely thought I lost more but the plus is that I didn’t gain. It was also that TOM so that doesn’t help in the loss department!!! I will probably have a bigger loss next week due to that as well!!! I feel I am on the right track! Slow & steady wins the race in this instance!!! I did use My Fitness Pal almost everyday to track my food! That is one area that I must get better in because I forget to track small things that add up quickly.

I am excited to add some strength training into my workouts this week! My arms are out of control & need some definition. I know it will take time to get that but you’ve got to start somewhere, right???

This next week will be a great one! I’m happy about where I’m at & I can only make it better!!! I refuse to go back to the way I was!!!

Besides myself, this little boy is one of the reasons I am doing this!!! Love his sweet handprints!!!!!

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