Halloween 2012

We started Halloween off by carving pumpkins! To be honest we did it very last minute on Halloween Eve! Kendall had really wanted to do it & we have just been so busy it didn’t happen. Not to mention the weather here is crazy. Hot one day, cold the next day! If it is hot here the pumpkins don’t last but about 3 days! No matter how last minute it was, we still had a blast!! None of the kids like the “yucky, slimy guts” of the pumpkin but they did their best!!!

Halloween was the perfect night! In years past we have gone to the mall for trick or treating but this year the kids requested that we stay in our neighborhood so they could see their friends. So, we obliged and had a great evening! Since I had school & Jason had work, my parents brought over dinner & my aunt joined us bringing the kids $0.50 corn dogs from Sonic for their lunches today!! She even brought a couple for me!!! 🙂

The kids looked so cute! We had Mario, a Popstar & Batman!! The teenager was a cheerleader but she went with her friends in another neighborhood!

Like a good Mom, I forgot to charge my camera battery so I had to take all the photos with my phone! They turned out pretty good except for some of Clay! He likes to move alot so they are a tad blurry!!! But he was the absolute cutest Batman EVER!!! Kendall had wanted to be a popstar for a very long time!!! To say she was ecstatic when we found her dress would be an understatement!! She looked so adorable & even got to wear it to school!!! Super Mario Bro. is one of Connor’s favorite video games! The new & old version of the game! He’s not too picky! So, when he picked Mario I wasn’t too surprised!!! He does make a good one!!

It was nice to just walk the streets, seeing oour neighbors & meeting a few new ones! They are still building houses here, so we meet new people frequently!

Kendall’s feet got “tired” so I took her & Clay back to our house while Jason stayed out with Connor!

 After we were all finished, we headed back inside to see the loot!!! This is Connor’s!!! Clay kept trying to steal candy & Kendall was mad cause she couldn’t eat anymore!!!

I can say we had a great Halloween!! Maybe next year we will do something different or maybe not! Any way we do it, it will be just how it’s suppose to be!!!

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2 Responses to Halloween 2012

  1. Veronica Lee says:

    Glad you had a great Halloween. Love the pics!

  2. Cerise says:

    The pumpkins and costumes look really great. Looks like lots of fun.

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