They did it!!

I don’t often post about Kristen here because she is a teenager & I like to give her some privacy! BUT this can NOT go undocumented!!

She is in the marching band at her high school. This past Saturday they had their Region marching competition. Leading up to this day they have had two other competitions, one where they took 2nd place & one where they didn’t even make the finals. Going into Saturday, they were all apprehensive about their performance. They were sure they would do bad & not make the rating they needed. They play songs from Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night painting!!! They are just awesome!!!

They looked so awesome as they entered the field for their time to show the judges what they are made of.

Their performance was SPOT on! It was the absolute best they had performed it all season!

At Region if you are given a “I” (one) rating by each of the three judges then you earned what they call Sweepstakes! If you earn Sweepstakes this year you get to move on to the AREA competition!!! THEY MADE IT!!!!!!!! Couldn’t be prouder of how awesome they did!! They work so hard in the summer & after school each day to make it happen!!! Trust me, I know from experience, it ain’t easy!!! Area is such an honor that not all bands get! Next Saturday they get to show the judges what they are made of once again! Perhaps it will earn them a trip to the STATE marching contest!!! Which her band won in 1995!!! Maybe a repeat is in order!!! Can’t wait for next Saturday to cheer on the M100!!!!!

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