The one where somethings missing!

BIG day in our house today! It’s been a pending event in our lives for her whole life but the last 3 months it’s been inevitable.

It happens to almost every child around the age of 5. Some sooner, some later. But for our girl, 5 is the perfect age.

Tonight when I put this cutie to bed she went so with one less TOOTH!!!!!

This afternoon her Daddy pulled her extremely loose tooth out. She was so worried it would hurt she didn’t even know he did it until she look in the mirror! She was insistent I take the next picture!

She was so excited for bed time she could hardly contain herself! She held her tooth in her hand as we moved her pillow!

She proudly placed it under her pillow & made sure it was in a good place for the tooth fairy to find it! (It’s hard to see, but it’s there!!!)

Before hitting the sack, she got some Daddy love….

and some Mommy love.

We can’t wait to see what the Tooth Fairy brings her in the morning. I am so excited to see her face when she wakes up. It is the first of many visits for my sweet Kendall!!!

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One Response to The one where somethings missing!

  1. So, how much did the tooth fairy bring to your house? Ours brings $1/tooth:)

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