is in FULL swing over here.

This is a new experience for me though! You would have thought I would have “nested” before considering this is my 3rd child but you would be wrong! I guess I did go thru a process of getting ready for baby but never had the crazy urge to go nuts with cleaning, cleaning out, packing everything, etc. A whole new territory for me!

This morning I did have a nice talk with the baby boy.


I wouldn’t quite call it an eviction notice talk, but I did talk about how everyone was ready to meet him, to see what he looks like, hold him & love on him. I firmly stated how we were ready for him to come when ever he was ready! Sooner than later being preferred by me!

I look at the picture above & just wonder what that little face will actually look like. My guess is he will look just like his Daddy, which is a-ok by me! He’s a handsome fella!

Now it’s just a waiting game to see when he really wants to join our family! In the meantime, I will continue my nesting trek to make our home baby boy ready!! It makes me all giddy inside just thinking that he will be here soon!!!

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