33 Weeks

How far along: We are starting our 33rd week together
Size of baby: He is the size of a Pineapple!! A little over 4 lbs. and 17 inches (head to heel)
Total weight gain: 18 lbs.!!!
Maternity Clothes: All Maternity clothes now…at least in public, anyway!!
Stretch Marks: No new ones!!!
Gender: BOY!!
Sleep: Still Wonderful!!!! Which is great considering very soon I will be up at night with a newborn!
Movement?: Yes! He is a BIG mover! He is starting to hurt me when he moves!! He’s running out of room!!
Food Cravings: Nothing specific!
What I miss?: Being able to bend over to pick something up!!! LOL!!! and my contacts! My eyes have been so dry I am having to wear my glasses!!
Symptoms: Round ligament pain and swollen hands!
Best Moment this Week?: Hearing his glorious heartbeat at my appointment Monday! It was around 148 bpm!

I have neglected to take any belly pics for TWO weeks! That is so not like me! Next week I will have to take extra pictures to make up for my lack of motivation!!

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