Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween.

It is a time of year that I get to be a kid through my kids!!

Last night was no exception! Their excitement was enough for 40 people!!!

My Ninja & Sweet Bride were all ready to get some serious loot!!!


We started our evening off at our local mall! They have trick or treating there every year & I like it because it is a safe controlled environment. Plus it has a beginning & end time which is a bonus!


One of the highlights of the evening at the mall was the “guys” at the video game arcade!! They made all of us laugh! Except Connor & Kendall because they were oblivious to the obvious!!!


After our excursion at the mall we all went back to our house where Jason & Nonna passed out candy while the kids, Papa & Me went walking around our neighborhood to trick or treat! Mimi drove around behind us just in case anyone wanted to ride!!! 


We went to several houses by ours, but since there aren’t too many in our neighborhood yet, we went to another one to get some good treats!!!


Once we got back home, Connor’s friend from down the street came over! That’s when we realized they were dressed exactly alike except for the color of their costumes!!!! It was super fun to see all of the kids together!!


It was a very Happy Halloween around these parts! Can’t wait to do it again next year when we have another sweet addition to our abode!!!

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