As Kendall would say, we “starved” some pumpkins on Wednesday!!! I was something that she has no recollection of doing in her life, so she was very intrigued about it! It is always so fun to watch the kids have fun doing this kind of stuff!!

Neither Connor nor Kendall were very happy about having to clean out the pumpkin! But they both eventually got their hands slimy and dirty to clean out the “guts” of the pumpkins!!

photo (8)-2  photo (10)-2

The actual carving of the pumpkins was done by Jason & myself because the kids lost interest when they figured out the would have to do a little work! It was really better that way anyhow! No telling how they would have looked had they attempted any of this!! Kristen was the only one that did her whole pumpkin by herself! She was just as excited as the other two but was not a fan of having her picture made! She’s 14 like that!!!

Over all I think they turned out awesome!!!!! Jason carved the Skeleton face that Kendall picked out, I carved the flaming face that Connor picked out & Kristen carved her own made up face!!

photo (11)-1

Now all we can do is hope & pray they last till at least Monday!!!

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One Response to Pumpkins!!!

  1. Chelle says:

    Love them!

    My pumpkin carving evening was a disaster. I'll blog about it tomorrow…lol!

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