Mommy & Me Monday—Train Edition

Yesterday we went on a Train Ride!!! It was part of Connor’s birthday present from Aunt Nonna! He was so excited because he has been wanting to ride on a train for a long time. Kendall was even excited because she got to go with her brother.

We all had a great time and even though it was a short trip, it was great to spend time with our family.

At our short stop we got to get out and really look at the train. I was lucky enough to get a quick picture with Connor & Kendall with the engine of the train before they moved it!


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2 Responses to Mommy & Me Monday—Train Edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! How cool is that! What a great present! My boys would freak out if they got to ride on a train. Very cool. And great pic too! 🙂

    Kat@Seeking Sanity

  2. Krystyn says:

    Wow…that looks awesome. I bet it was a great time!

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