School Happenings!!

As we approach the end of the 5th week of school, I just keep thinking where have these 5 weeks gone! It seems to be going by so fast. Much faster than in previous years! Maybe it’s because I’m older, or maybe because all of the kids are in school, or maybe because I am working during the day most days. Not sure which is the reason, but it feels way to fast for my liking.

Kendall is loving pre-k! Which I am so happy about. I wasn’t sure how she would adjust but she has done beautifully. For the month of September she got chosen by her teacher to be on the “Tiger Talk” wall for her class. She was very excited to do this and show off her baby picture!

DSC_0459-1 DSC_0460-1

Connor is really enjoying 2nd grade! The best part for him is having two teachers. They have one for Math & Science and one for Language Arts & Social Studies. He thinks it’s so cool to switch classes during the day! He brought home his first story yesterday that has almost every.single.word spelled correctly. I was so proud of him. While he was very good at spelling the words phonetically as he sounded them out, it was great to see that he is actually learning to spell properly!!!


In case you can’t read that it says,

“Once upon a time I went to Wal-Mart and I went to the toy iyel (aisle) and I saw a toy it was a robot namd Bumbel Bee from trantsformers.”

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