24 Weeks

How far along: We are starting our 24th week together

Size of baby: He is the size of an ear of corn!!

Total weight gain: 9.6 lbs total!!! Pretty darn good if you ask me!!!

Maternity Clothes: Finally broke down and bought maternity clothes. Much to my surprise my local Walmart started carrying them again. I was excited because they are nice but not outrageously expensive! Some will be for later in my pregnancy but some are for now that I can grow into!!!

Stretch Marks: No new ones!!!

Gender: BOY!!

Sleep: So, so! Getting tired of sleeping on my side! HA! Need a pregnancy pillow soon!

Movement? Yes! His kicks are strong now. I think he is still head down but not too sure!

Food Cravings: Haven’t felt great this last week so eating hasn’t been that great but I am trying to eat as healthy as possible!

What I miss? Sleeping on my tummy and on my back!!!

Symptoms: BACK PAIN!!! It is getting on my last nerve! My sciatic nerve to be exact!!!

Best Moment this Week?: Hubby finally got to see and feel those strong kicks! I love when he makes himself know!!!

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