Week 14

How far along: We are starting our 14th week together

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a Lemon!

Total weight gain: 7 lbs!!! Thanks to bloating but I think it’s going down so I may lose some soon!

Maternity Clothes? Not yet, but getting closer!!

Stretch Marks: No new ones!!!

Gender: Find out August 2nd!

Sleep: So good! I have been trying hard not to nap during the day so I can sleep good at night! It is working pretty well. Some days I just can’t help but take a nap though!

Movement? Still feeling those little flutters!! Love them!

Food Cravings: Still not that into food! But I am trying to eat more healthy than I have been!

What I miss? A NON-bloated tummy!

Symptoms: Just tired! But I am having more energy which is nice!

Best Moment this Week? Getting good sleep!!!

Here’s a picture for ya! It’s not the greatest but that’s ok! At least I got one!

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2 Responses to Week 14

  1. Mighty M says:

    14 weeks already – you look great!! šŸ™‚

  2. Becky Branch says:

    So thrilled for you and after that first trimester everything is awesome until the last month! woohoo savor every second it goes by fast šŸ™‚

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