A little too Short!

For a while now, Connor has been insistent that his hair be long! And by long I mean llloooooonnnnggggg!!! While we haven’t let him have it as long as he really wanted, we obliged him enough for him to be satisfied with it! I do have to say that he does look pretty handsome with it long!

I occasionally take him to have it cut by a professional but when the budget doesn’t allow for that, I cut it myself! I have gotten much better over the last year or so and it doesn’t take me near as long!

So, last night was hair cut night for him since it was a little out of control!!! His hair grows so fast that I have to cut it often in order to keep it from looking super shaggy!

Here he is before the cut


Such a grown up little man!!!

Now I was all prepared to just trim it up to make it look better. Much to my surprise he told me he wanted it cut like Daddy’s! Ummmm……..just so you know, Daddy’s is SUPER short! He basically buzzes it off! He said he was tired of it always being in his face and wanted it short! I offered to just scissor cut it but NOPE! He wanted it buzzed!

After much thought, I just did it! I used an 8 guard to start off with since it was so long. Then finished off with a 7 guard to shape it up!!!

Now my little man has turned into a kid that looks 2 yrs older than he really is!!! 😦


While I don’t like his hair this short, it is just hair and will grow back!! He is really liking having it like Daddy’s and for that I am happy!!!

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2 Responses to A little too Short!

  1. Lindsay says:

    He looks so grown up! I love the cute though 🙂

  2. Love it! you're a good momma.

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