is starting tomorrow.

Am I ready for it?? NO!

Do we have to do it anyway?? YES!

I am not sure how the beginning of school got here so fast but it did. Not to mention that not being in our house and not really having our normal routine has made it seem like school should just wait for us to have all those things!

It also doesn’t make it any better that my Dad has been in the hospital this weekend with Friday & Saturday spent in ICU! Not sure when he is getting out of the hospital but I feel sure he is pretty much a miracle at this point. I am glad he is getting better but definitely want the doctors to make sure he is 100% before they send him home! Many prayers have been sent up on his behalf and I know that this is the reason he is doing so well considering the circumstances!

Back to school…

As of tomorrow morning I will have an 8th grader & a 1st grader!


Neither of them are that excited because they are both going to a new school but I think they are both going to love them once they get in there and meet people. It will certainly be easier for Connor than Kristen. But only because of the grades they are in. 8th graders are not the kindest of people on the earth!

On this 1st grade eve, this cute boy


has his favorite pj’s on & even though he is not ready for school to start, he is certainly ready for the breakfast his Mimi is going to make him. He also believes that school should only be on Saturdays! Hmmm….

Oh & this cute little girl


has informed all of us that she will NOT miss her big brother tomorrow when he is at school! Hoping she is WRONG!

Goodnight, Summer of 2010. Can’t believe you went by SO FAST!  Next summer could you hang out just a bit longer with OUT all of this darn HEAT!

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3 Responses to School…

  1. Katy says:

    I hope that Connor has a wonderful first day of 1st grade!!! Glad hat your dad is doing better 🙂

  2. Mighty M says:

    So exciting – hope they have a great day!

  3. Lindsay says:

    oo I hope they have a great first day!! We need first day of school pictures!

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