Pet “Unitorn”

For a long time Kendall has been asking us for a pet “Unitorn” thanks to Princess Dora having one!

I looked and looked for the unicorn that Dora has but could only find Princess Dora minus the unicorn!

So, at the mall one day I got the brilliant idea to go check out Build-a-Bear just in case the might have one! Ya know, cause they have everything under the sun!!!


They did!!!  Well not exactly!!

They had a beautiful white and gold pony that she was convinced was a baby “unitorn” that hasn’t grown it’s horn yet!!

Works for me!

Thank you Build-a Bear for making my little Kendall’s dream come true and ending my search over all creation for a pet “unitorn”!!!!!


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5 Responses to Pet “Unitorn”

  1. Lindsay says:

    oohh so fun! Glad she found her unitorn!

  2. Oh how cute! She looks so happy with her baby unitorn!

  3. aw, she looks so happy with her “unitorn!” It's the best feeling making their dreams come true, even the silly small ones 😀

  4. Krystyn says:

    So cute…it looks like a unitorn to me:)

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