West End

A few weekends ago we headed to Dallas to see the BODIES exhibit! I was excited about the trip but nervous about how the kids would do. Let’s just say they did GREAT and the exhibit was FABULOUS!! It was a little creepy knowing that all the body stuff was REAL but it was really fascinating!! I got ZERO pictures of it because they had their picture police in FULL force! But if you get the chance go see it! It does not disappoint!

Another reason I was excited to go was because the exhibit was in the historic West End of Downtown Dallas! It has been a couple of years since I had been there and I was so sad when we got there. It was so depressing. Many of the wonderful restaurants had gone out of business. The ever so famous West End mall was GONE! (the exhibit was in this mall). Planet Hollywood was closed, which I did know about but was very excited to see that this was still there…


As we walked around floods of memories came back to me from when I lived in Dallas. We spent almost every weekend down here. It was thriving and full of people all the time. Now there was hardly anyone. No cool sidewalk vendors. No guys painting 3D images on the sidewalks with chalk. They were so good they looked as if you could just step into them! No live bands playing. Not even any MUSIC at all. One girl told me that it had started to pick back up from what it was. Just so sad.

The one thing that was still there was this…


One of my favorite places to eat down there! I was very glad I got to share that with my kids!

I am hoping that in the near future it becomes a thriving place once again! It is just too beautiful and too historical to go down the drain!

100_3191 100_3188 100_3189

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3 Responses to West End

  1. Eigna says:

    We went to the bodies exhibit a couple of months ago and I agree on both, it was really neat and it is sad how the West End looks. We remember the mall and that cool hologram store. =)

  2. Lindsay says:

    The bodies exhibit sounds awesome! So sad about downtown Dallas!!

  3. Krystyn says:

    Looks and sounds like a great day.

    I want to see the bodies exhibit, but hubby has absolutely no desire to go.

    And, now I want spaghetti.

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