Leaving on a Jet Plane……

Kristen did just that!!

Her Mom has moved to a different state, so that meant Jason & I had to take her to the airport and watch her take off…

on an airplane…


At the airport Connor & Kendall had a BLAST watching the planes come in and go back out!!!

  100_3290 100_3292

She had never, ever flown before and she was quite nervous despite the fact that she kept saying she wasn’t!!!


We stayed at the airport after she boarded and watched her plane taxi out to the run way and then take off!!! Kendall was NOT a happy camper once she realized Sissy was not getting off the plane while we were still there!! It was so sad!

 100_3294  100_3296 100_3297  100_3298

But not to worry, SHE WILL BE BACK!!!

It is just going to be a very LONG wait for her to get here!!!!!

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3 Responses to Leaving on a Jet Plane……

  1. Lindsay says:

    oo sounds like everyone had fun.. until the parting! How long is she gone for?

  2. It looks like everything went smoothly! When will she be back?

  3. Mighty M says:

    It's so hard to have a sibling that has to come and go – we deal with the same ups and downs here. I hope she enjoyed her flying experience!!

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