Excitement is mounting!!!!!

A few weeks ago, Jason & I got to go pick out all of the goodies for our new house. It was SO much fun. A little overwhelming at first, but we knew pretty much what we wanted to once we got going it was ok.

Getting to pick out EVERY single detail of you home is amazing. From doors to bathtubs to where your electrical and cable outlets go is a huge process but so worth every minutes spent basically designing you home. I believe we are getting EXACTLY what we have always pictured ourselves having.

We started by picking out things for the kitchen & bathrooms! The colors we picked out are some of my favorite! One of the model homes has these dark cabinets in it and I instantly fell in love. GORGEOUS!!!


The bathrooms will both look like this but with two sinks! Even the same light except ours is in a darker color.


Like this………the 1/2 bath light! All of the lights and fans in the house will be of this color scheme except the girls rooms. Their fans will be white!


It took awhile for us to decided on the flooring. There are SOOO many things to choose from. The carpet alone is CRAZY! But I think we got a good combo that is going to look fab once all together.  Plus we got faux wood blinds that I am ecstatic about!


Instead of the traditional style doors we got the colonial style. I think it will add that extra special touch!


Now the hardest part in this whole thing was picking out the brick. It is so hard to imagine what it will look like from the little pieces they give you. But I think we did good considering. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the house!!!


And speaking of the house, we went by yesterday and they are starting to work on the framing for the foundation. They told us the slab will be finished in about a week and a half! WOO-HOO!


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4 Responses to Excitement is mounting!!!!!

  1. Lindsay says:

    oohh my goodness I love all of your picks! Can't wait to watch the progress!!

  2. Krystyn says:

    How exiting. I love the cabinets!

  3. MamaJoss says:

    Congratulations!! Oh it's going to be amazing – love all of your choices…I look forward to seeing the progress photos and your move-in – Yay!! You are a busy lady huh.

  4. Chelle says:

    I love it all! Those doors are to die for gorgeous!!

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