Today is Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 and guess what I don’t have as of yet?????

A SANTA picture!

I do believe this is the latest I have EVER waited to do this. Really!!!

I have somewhat procrastinated on this because of two major things!

  1. Kendall WILL NOT sit on Santa’s lap. She will get pretty close to him but sitting with him is a NO GO! She says she will take a picture with him as long a Sissy in there. But trying to convince a 12 yr old that they NEED to be in a picture with Santa for the sake of there baby sister is, well, not easy to say the least!
  2. I can’t use my personal camera to take a picture anymore. NOT that I don’t buy their picture, because I always do. I just like to have some of my own to share! NOT THIS YEAR! We went to see him a few weeks ago and I thought I would snap a couple pictures with Connor on his lap and Kendall just kind of standing there! NOPE! The picture police very not so nicely asked me to put my camera away! BOO ON YOU! See, nice picture I took on my own! circa 2007. Notice Connor’s death grip on Kendall’s hand?? He didn’t want to let go because he thought that Santa was going to take her away from us forever and he would listen to NO reason about the subject. He was not a fan of Santa that year! 100_2158

I am not expecting a spectacular picture of Kendall with Santa this year and that is ok. I know that Connor is VERY anxious to go get one with him.

And maybe, just maybe if I am super duper lucky big sister will give in and take one too!!!!! Ya know, just for the sake of not being selfish her baby sister!

Or just so that we don’t get another picture like last years!

Santa 2008

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4 Responses to Santa!

  1. Jenny says:

    What a great looking Santa! Will did not like Santa much either. I am hoping next year will be better. Happy Holidays!

  2. Lindsay says:

    awww love the pictures with Santa! I hope you get a good one! We took Sammy the first year.. it was a woman.. and I haven't taken him back since!

  3. Becky says:

    Hey Heather! I am so glad you left a comment! That is so CRAZY that you have a Connor James too and he is so cute! I love the Santa pictures and I can't wait to do those someday!!! I look forward to keeping up with your bloggy and hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas 🙂

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