Welcome to Slackerville!!!

That’s right! I have been such a slacker on this challenge. SHAME ON ME!!! I feel SO GUILTY!!! But to be honest, life just happened and there was nothing I could do about it!

I know there are some of you that have been doing this and I really want to know how you have been doing. So you can link up here so I can read about it.

There is a NEW game plan. Chelle from The Winey Mommy and I came up with it today! And this is FOR REAL! NO slacking this time around!

We will start again after the holidays! I know that some of you couldn’t do it this time around so this should give you PLENTY of time to get everything you need for it. If you don’t have the video you can get it here or you can get it here! Or if you have Exercise TV on demand you can get the first 2 levels for free BUT you do have to buy the dvd to get level 3!

So the NEW official start date is January 4, 2010 and we will go through February 2, 2010! How exciting! Just in time for my birthday!!!

We need a catchy slogan for 2010! If you have any suggestions please let me know!


For those of you who have actual been doing this challenge and haven’t been a part of slackerville, I am so proud of you! Please, please link up here so we can all see how you are doing!!!

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7 Responses to Welcome to Slackerville!!!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hi I am a slacker too! I like the beginning of the year plan!

  2. Mighty M says:

    Yeah, I got sick and it was slackerville for me too! But I have the DVD now and I think I can hop on board for the 4th!! 🙂

  3. ~ Dawn ~ says:

    Glad to know everyone was a slacker too! I even slacked on my blogging. We got to doing all our Christmas shopping, decorating the house, putting up lights that I just slacked off. So I think the new start date will work perfect!! Let's do this ladies! WOOHOO!!

  4. WashburnWife says:

    I am so glad I am not the only one! I was feeling so guilty!! I will definitely be in for the 4th of January!! I PROMISE!!

  5. Melanie says:

    I am a huge slacker. I am definitely joining in.

  6. TAMMY says:

    I may be interested in joining up for the 30 Day Shred. But I was wondering if you could tell me how this workout is on the knees? I have terrible problems with my knees and there are some workout videos that I just cannot do because they are so tough on the knees. Thanks in advance!

  7. I TOTALLY TOTALLY LOVE this workout! I do it all the time….

    okay, when I'm motivated.

    Which is hardly ever.

    Hence why I would love to link up and join you!



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