Not so Fun Food!

Got this little ditty for Connor & Kendall. Something different, ya know? Also because Connor said he wanted to be like his friend at school that has them for lunch. AT SCHOOL!!! O_O Really??

Anywho, Kendall was excited about it and wanted it for lunch the other day. No big deal, I thought!!!

Here is where it gets worrisome…..

1) It has 410 calories!!! Yes, you read that right.

2) It suggest to use the MICROWAVE for best results!?!?!?!

Ummmm…..since when did frozen meals start saying that the MICROWAVE was the best choice??

I must have missed that memo!!!



Note to self: NEVER BUY THESE AGAIN!!!

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2 Responses to Not so Fun Food!

  1. Mighty M says:

    Yeah, I try to avoid those most of the time. But occasionally one makes it to my freezer.

  2. Lindsay says:

    WOW.. thats crazy!

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