Out of Shape!

This is the very last post I made on From 16 to 6! I copied it over to here before I deleted that blog! This is my REAL reason for changing up things here and in my life!!!
Originally posted on Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have been trying to write this post for about 7 hours now and nothing I type seems right. I had a HUGE Ah-ha moment today. I am not one to really ever have these moments. I guess it just never seemed important. Until today!

We were at my parents house for a visit. They watched the video of Connor’s Thanksgiving program. We ate some of my Mom’s fabulous chocolate cake. It’s my favorite. After that it was time to play outside. My parents have a huge backyard. It is perfect for the kids to do pretty much whatever out there.

Connor has the blue bouncy ball. You know the ones that are in the cages at Wal-Mart. He loves this ball and has had it at their house since he was about 2 I think. Anyway, he wanted me to play soccer with him. Ok, I thought. No problem. Let the game begin.

We played a few “games” and I kicked the ball over the fence. Yes, me! So off we went to retrieve it from the neighbors.

When we got back we started playing again. We ran and we ran. I had a goal and he had a goal. We each scored 2 goals and the 3rd goal would be our last. He ended up scoring the 3rd goal and beat me.

I would say he beat me fair and square but that would not be true. The truth is, I let him beat me. Why? Because I was so out of breath from running that I couldn’t run anymore.

I was standing there in my parents backyard with my son and I couldn’t even run around with him for more that 15 minutes. It made me so sad that I had to go inside. I went for a drink of water and it just continued to break my heart that I couldn’t play more with him.

How in the world have I let myself get to this point??? And more importantly WHY???

These questions I cannot answer right now but I am going to get to the bottom of this. I want to be able to run around with my kids and not get winded after 5 minutes. It is not fair to them to have an out of shape Mommy. They look to me to be the example and I have to work on me before I can be that example.

I have a very long road ahead of me but one that is SO worth every sweat drop it will take to get me there.

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2 Responses to Out of Shape!

  1. Mighty M says:

    You can do it! It's hard work to get and stay in shape, but it is so worth the effort!! 🙂

  2. Beth P. says:

    Wow, this post hits so close to home for me. Collin isn't big enough for this to be an issue for me, yet, but in another year or so I have no doubt I'll be thinking these same thoughts. I NEED to do something NOW.

    I LOVE the new look!

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