48 Minutes to Play, A Lifetime to Remember!

That is the saying that hangs above the field house door. Every Friday night, the football players each touch this sign as they leave the field house to enter the field for a big game. It is their good luck charm! And has been for years!

Tonight more than ever before is that good luck touch going to be so crucial!!

Our town has been waiting for tonight’s football game since AUGUST!

We play our BIGGEST rival in the district.

And it will all be LIVE on


Oh what?? You didn’t hear me??

It will be LIVE on


Well, ESPNU to be exact! We were picked to be the “Rivalry of the Week” game. Which from what I hear is a HUGE deal!


So if you want to see some REALLY good high school football tonight at 8pm eastern time, tune in!

Hint: I will be wearing BLUE!!!



Blue Front, White Back, MAGIC!!!

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2 Responses to 48 Minutes to Play, A Lifetime to Remember!

  1. The Steele's says:

    I have it recording!! It should be a great game….. Stay warm tonight!

  2. Lindsay says:

    oo how fun! I hope you guys won!

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