This school year has proven to be a very busy one all of us here in our household. Everyone has so many different things going on. With the exception of Kendall. She is just kind of along for the ride.

Too the point that I had to go and by myself an actual PLANNER. Not just my trusty little pocket calendar that I was use to using. I am talking a full blown planner. I was loving it


I read this post over at Moments with the McCall’s. After I re-read it several times, I knew that I HAD to have one of these for my family. And I knew if I made it cute I would use it more.

So here it is…….

family book

I am SO in love with this book. It has EVERYTHING in one place so that everyone in the family can see it.

Since the kids come home with bucu’s of papers each week, sometimes each day, it is just wonderful to have one place to put it.

Here is what I have in my book…

Monthly Planner

I use one from Google Calendars. If you have g-mail you have a calendar. I just input the MOST important schedules, like sports stuff, and the print it out to put in here. I can write the rest…in PENCIL! Just in case!

Weekly To-Do’s

This includes my weekly to-do list, weekly cleaning schedule, my laundry schedule and my monthly deep cleaning schedule. I use the ZONE method for monthly cleaning from FlyLady.Net. Her site is awesome for getting you house organized if you are a perfectionist with clutter that doesn’t know where to start. The site can be a little overwhelming so I recommend reading the book Sink Reflections first.

Menu Planning

I TRY to plan two weeks at a time because that is how I do my grocery shopping. It helps out so much to not have to guess what is for dinner. Especially since we have something almost EVERY night now.

Grocery List

I shop every two weeks. I used to make a Sam’s list and a Walmart list. Not anymore. I made a new list today and made it in the order that I walk Walmart. I have ALWAYS made my list that way but I think this new list will be MUCH easier to follow. If I need to get it from Sam’s I just put an (S) by it.

Kristen’s & Connor’s School Information

Well, it is for just that. Any school info that comes home that I feel is important to keep for whatever reason.

Emergency & Family Information

I am working on this section very carefully. It is so important to be prepared for that emergency and be prayerful that you NEVER have to use it. This is also the section that the babysitter would use to find contact info. That is, IF we ever have a babysitter. Also medical consent forms, family phone numbers, etc.

Discipline Chart

Speaks for itself. I learned that if I don’t write it down and have proof that kids try to finagle their way out of punishment.


I am in the process of adding a few more sections to this. The will consist of a Reward Chart for sure and not sure what else right now.

This is seriously a GREAT tool to have if you have a family that is going in SO many different directions. I just don’t think we could live without it now and we have only been using it for 3 days!!!

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3 Responses to THE BOOK!!!

  1. Beth P. says:

    How clever! For someone who likes to stay organized this looks like a life saver. I like that even the kids have access. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lindsay says:

    wow looks like a great notebook! I just got a new planner today.. I will let you know how it goes 🙂 and I am determined to start reading the fly lady website!!

  3. ♥ Kenz ♥ says:

    That is such a cute idea. I love it…great work!

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