Out with the Old, In with the Ninja!

Since November 1, 2008 Connor has said that he wanted to be a Red Power Ranger for Halloween this year! He likes to prepare well in advance.

I was not sure why he wanted to be a Red Power Ranger because he had never even seen the Power Rangers before. So to be honest, it is still a mystery.

Over the summer he started watching the old episodes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What boy doesn’t love them?? All of a sudden about a month ago, Red Power Ranger was thrown OUT the window as his Halloween costume and Leonardo, the blue ninja turtle, now had that honor!

Ever since I have been searching for this costume. It is at all of the costume shops on the internet; however, they are all more money than I want to pay for something he will probably wear only ONCE. They do have a Raphael, the red ninja turtle, costume at Wal-Mart but he was “just not too sure about that one”. It seemed everywhere I looked only had Raphael and that Leonard would have to be ordered.

Cue today,

Kendall and I went to run errands after dropping Connor off at school. We went to our favorite place to shop. TARGET!! They were having a sale on dog food so we jumped at the chance to go there. Kendall was emphatic about visiting the Halloween section. And boy am I glad we did!!! Not only did they have ninja turtle costumes, they had



Not only did I find Leonardo, they only had ONE and we found him for


Leave it to Target to have just what I needed to make my boy happy!!!

Oh and for having the best popcorn combo EVER!


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2 Responses to Out with the Old, In with the Ninja!

  1. Lindsay says:

    yay!! I loved those turtles growing up!! I am stuck trying to figure out what Sammy is going to be.. Whats Kendall going to be?

  2. Mighty M says:

    Double bonus!! 😉 Glad you found the costume and for such a great price!!

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