End of Summer!

We have been spending the last week of this wonderful summer at the POOL!!! Where else would we spend our time in this 100 degree weather. Seriously, it has been 100 degrees or over for like 50 days per the weather man! Sheesh! When can we catch some relief????

Anyhoo! We have had a blast swimming almost everyday this week. Connor has really come along way. He is my little one that used to be TERRIFIED of the water. As in, wouldn’t even get in the pool with me holding him.

Not anymore. He will now,

slide on his own

Sliding at the pool

jump on his own,


and today he even swam UNDER WATER on his own. But I have no pictures of this HUGE event because we had to get out of the water due to lightening!

Kendall and Kristen are our little fishies. Kristen is a great swimmer and Kendall..well she can’t swim yet but she is FEARLESS! It is scary how fearless she is!

She loves the baby pool


and can even get out on her own!


This summer has been filled with some great things, swimming being one of the best!

However, cooler weather would never be more appreciated that it would be right now!!!


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One Response to End of Summer!

  1. Lindsay says:

    oo look at that! You have three fishies now! πŸ™‚

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