Holy Project Runway!!!

I have been so excited for the Premiere of the new Project Runway! It is seriously one of my favorite reality shows. Next to Big Brother!

So tonight I was chatting with some friends via Facebook about the show tonight, when I realized they kept talking about a classmate of theirs being on the show!! I was SO confused because if she was a classmate of theirs that meant she was a classmate of mine.

Off to the Project Runway website to find out who they were talking about. I looked and looked and found NO ONE that I recognized!

Back to Facebook I went to chat it up again to find out who it was.

That is when I realized that our classmate now goes by a “designer” name instead of her real name!!!!!

So without further ado, I introduce you to

 LOUISE BLACKpr6-louise-wallpaper-1024x768

Now, in high school that was not her name and she did look COMPLETELY different. But nonetheless, I hope she goes super far in this competition!!!!! My DVR will definitely be set so that I don’t miss one single episode!!!!!

As I was sitting here typing this, she was declared safe for the next week by Mrs. Heidi Klum!!!


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One Response to Holy Project Runway!!!

  1. Lindsay says:

    hehe how fun is that!! Yay for her being safe!

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