Homemade Laundry Detergent!

Last month I decided to take the plunge and make my own homemade laundry detergent. I have been tired of paying so much for so little for a long time. Since I now have 5 people to do laundry, I thought it was worth a shot. Then if I didn’t like it I could go back to paying my left arm for store bought detergent!

I searched the internet for quite sometime for the perfect recipe for me. Many of the sites give good ones but the make a ton of the stuff. I just don’t have the storage for that much.

So I just took what I found and made my own!

You start off with soap, arm & hammer washing soda (NOT baking soda), and borax!

1 whole bar of any type of  bar soap. (I used Ivory, but may use Irish Spring next time for the scent!)

Three-fourths cup of washing soda.


One half cup of borax.


You will need a 2 gallon bucket or a plastic storage bin that is big enough to hold the detergent. (I used a plastic storage bin that is 12 quarts because it fit better in my space versus a 2 gallon bucket!!! And it came with a lid! Which you will need!)

Grate or shred the bar of soap and put in a pan. (I used a potato peeler!) Add six cups of water and heat until melted. Make sure you stir periodically.


Once the soap is pretty much melted, add the washing soda and the borax. Stir until it dissolves completely and it looks sort of milky.  Then immediately remove from the heat!


First pour 4 cups of water into the bucket and then add your mixture you just removed from the heat.


Add another gallon of water plus 5 more cups and stir thoroughly. (it sounds like a lot of water, but trust me, it is not) The soap should sit covered for 24 hours. It will be a gel that will remind you of egg drop soup! Just stir it good and use half a cup for regular sized loads and a whole cup for larger loads!


At first I wasn’t crazy about this detergent because it doesn’t suds up like most detergents. But the more I have used it the more I like it. It leaves our clothes so fresh and clean. It even has made them softer without having to use fabric softener. I will be using this from now on! No more paying an arm for store bought laundry detergent. This recipe only costs me about $2.50 per recipe! I can live with that!

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One Response to Homemade Laundry Detergent!

  1. Lindsay says:

    oo how fun! I have thought several times about making my own as well! Sammy has super sensitive skin so I have been afraid to try making some because I dont want to have to deal with it if it irritates his skin. I might have to try this! Where did you find the washing soda?

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