Water, Water Everywhere!

Our city got a new water park this summer. It is really awesome. We went Monday and the kids had a blast.

Kristen got to meet a new friend, Morgan. She is actually the daughter of my former boss. They are the same age and will be in school together next year. I thought the water park would be the perfect place for them to get to know each other.


Connor did so good and loved the water. He went down the train slide a million times!


Kendall on the other hand did not want to go in the water. It took her almost 2 hours to decide it was ok to play in the water.


We were there for 4 hours and it was so HOT. But the water felt great.

105_6216 - Copy

Kendall wanting to go back out to the water once she decided she liked it!

105_6218 - Copy         

Connor just hanging out. He thought the water felt “SO Good”!

105_6220 - Copy

The girls were waiting for the big bucket of water to drop! The boys spraying them with the water gun were flirting with them. Until, they saw me. Then the boys ran off!!!!!

105_6221 - Copy 

The bucket of water finally dropping. They got drenched!

105_6222 - Copy 

Kendall eating the ice out of my soda! Can’t say that I drank anymore of it after her hands had been in it! Yuck!

105_6224 - Copy

We will definitely be going back here this summer. Next time we will make sure that Daddy gets to go with us!!!

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2 Responses to Water, Water Everywhere!

  1. Mighty M says:

    That place looks like a BLAST!! 😉

  2. Lindsay says:

    ooo my goodness how fun!! I would love to go to a place like that! I love the water 🙂

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