Slapshin’ Around!

Monday we went to the local splash pad with my best friend and her kiddos! It was something fun for the kids and it was FREE!! We love FREE!!! We packed a picnic lunch and headed out there for about 4 hours.


It was nice to be able to just sit in the shade and let the kids pretty much do as they please. We were very close to the water and they just wore themselves out!

Connor was “just not sure about this” whole water thing. He kept saying this over & over. This is about as close as he got to the actual splash pad.


Kristen, Brittanie, Brackston & Kyle ran out there with no problem. They all loved being there. It was so much fun to watch them!

105_6167 105_6168 105_6152   

Kendall wanted nothing to do with the water! She just wanted to play on the playground. However, it was just a little too hot for her to do anything on. So she just walked around. Connor came over to sit with her at one point because he said she looked lonely!

105_6151 105_6159 105_6143 105_6145

Eventually her Sissy got a hold of her and took her out in the water. She was less than thrilled about it and was stuck to me like glue after that!

Splash Day with the Bouviers 003Splash Day with the Bouviers 004 

That is until Kyle brought out the applesauce. She was all about eating HIS applesauce! He was super nice and helped her!

Splash Day with the Bouviers 030 105_6172 105_6174 105_6175

Just about the time we were ready to leave, Connor decided that the water wasn’t so scary afterall. He got out there and had a really good time for a good 20 mins more!

105_6170 105_6160 105_6163 105_6166

We had a super fun time and will certainly be doing it a lot this summer! It is a nice refreshing treat in the HOT Texas weather!

 105_6171 Splash Day with the Bouviers 025Splash Day with the Bouviers 019

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4 Responses to Slapshin’ Around!

  1. Chelle says:

    I love the picture of him holding her–how sweet!

    They're putting one of these in at the park by our house–I'm so excited, it looks like fun!

  2. Mighty M says:

    So much fun!! We have a couple in town but they don't open until June! Oh, wait, it is June isn't it! So they must open in LATE June! 😉

  3. Jennifer says:

    Awesome pics! Ours is open but Ohio weather doesn't really cooperate this time of the year. Okay, ANY time of the year! Glad you got to get out there and have fun!

  4. Lindsay says:

    ooo such fun pictures! I glad Connor decided to enjoy the splash park 🙂

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