has been lifted off of my shoulders!!!

You see, when I went to college the first time around I wasn’t so into it. In order to move beyond what they call “developmental” classes, you have to pass a state required test. I did really well on the reading and the writing. The math was a WHOLE other story. I failed the math portion twice. Which is funny now because back then I thought I was a math whiz. Apparently I was not. I believe that that test brought me down and made me not want to do many things because I felt like I was NEVER going to pass that test.

Fast forward to Spring 2008…

That is when I went back to college after not having gone in oh say 12 yrs. Realizing that I had not passed this test I had to be in the “developmental” math class. That class was a total waste of time and money, but I knew that I had to take it. I also knew that I had to take this test eventually, but all last year I avoided it completely out of fear.

Fast forward to last weekend…

Jason and I decided on a date that I was going to take this test. He took off work and everything. I studied for 3 days straight. I felt like I was cramming for a final exam or something. Jason helped me study Sunday night after the kids went to bed. He helped me so much!

Fast forward to this past Monday…

I went and took the test at 11am. I was nervous to say the least. I did have a good feeling going in though. Once I got started I realized that half the test was what I studied and the other half was stuff that I hadn’t seen since high school. Rude Awakening! But I just did the best I could. It took me 3 1/2 hours to complete and walking out of there I felt really good about how I did. I even had a dream that night that I passed the test. I got really excited but didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched.

Fast forward to this afternoon…

I get the mail. There is THE envelope I have been waiting for all week. I knew Jason wanted to be here when I opened it. I called him several times. He didn’t answer. Here is this envelope that is going to tell me if I ever have to take another “developmental” class AGAIN, staring right at me. He calls back. I tell him that I can’t wait another second to open it let alone the 2 hours until he was to be home. So, I opened it and saw this…


Oh what was that?? You can’t see it?? Let me make that bigger for you…


I was SPEECHLESS!! And for those who know me in real life know that this rarely ever happens. Me, speechless!


I really did it this time!!!

No one will ever know how proud I am of myself for passing this test. I can now move forward with my education. Passing this will put me at least one semester ahead now. I am one step closer to becoming the teacher I should have been oh say 10 yrs ago.



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One Response to THE BIGGEST……

  1. Lindsay says:

    oo yay Heather I am so happy for you! WTG! One step closer 🙂

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