How many colors can there be?

FIVE to be exact. That is all the colors you get when you set out to dye Easter Eggs.

The package will tell you how to make this color or that color, BUT it just doesn’t work.

Nonetheless, the kids had a fabulous time decorating eggs at Mimi & Papa’s house last night.

It was messy, messy fun! Kendall even enjoyed it for about 0.5 seconds. I believe her favorite part was crushing the shell of an egg she was suppose to be decorating. After she was done she held it up and said, “ Mommy. Rake (break).” Oops!

S5030457She did color a few eggs with Nonna. She even colored on one with the magic crayon and dipped it in the dye! She put stickers on one of her eggs and then took them back off to put them on her shirt!S5030456



She even helped Mimi color an egg pink!!!


Connor had a good time. He was more interested in just coloring the eggs than decorating. They just couldn’t get colored fast enough for him. Typical boy for ya!!! He helped Mimi boil eggs and tried to make more colors. Then he was off to do bigger and better things. Like play on the computer and torture his sister!!! 




S5030459 Kristen had the best time of any of us, I think. She was diligently working on her eggs for so very long. She decorated some great ones. She is creativity mixed with a tad bit of messy!!!S5030453


S5030465  All of the finished eggs! Aren’t they lovely?!?!?





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One Response to How many colors can there be?

  1. Mighty M says:

    They turned out great – looks like fun!!

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