In 0.2 Seconds

That is how long it takes Kendall to get into something she is not suppose to be in! Seriously, I can’t turn my back on her AT ALL!! It is getting rather tiring lately.

It all started with the dishwasher! Saturday afternoon we were watching a movie in the living room! She got up and walked into the kitchen saying milk. Which lead me to believe she was going to get her cup. WRONG! 0.2 seconds later when I went to check on her this is how I found her! And yes, I let her stand there so I could take her picture. All the while telling her “NO” “Bad Girl” She then proceeded to take a glass glass and try to drink from it! Nice huh??

GEDC0362  GEDC0363

Today was fun. She was in all sorts of things. But as I was putting away some laundry I realized that my little helper had gone astray. Hmmmm………where could she be? Looked around for her and found her in our closet! She was hiding from me. Then when I said her name she peeked around the corner to see if I was really there! It was really cute!GEDC0364  GEDC0365

All of this brings us to tonight! This one takes the cake! She has been getting on Kristen’s bed every now and then. I have always wondered how she made it up there. It is way to high for her to climb on. My thoughts were that she climbed in her Elmo chair then the bed or that Connor helped her up there when he wasn’t supposed to. She proved both of my theories WRONG!!!


(Sorry for the not so great quality. I took these with my cell phone because I didn’t have time to run and get my camera!)

3 2

When she realized she was being watched and photographed she turned around, grinned really big and said,”CHIS!!!!” As if she had done absolutely nothing wrong!!!


This girl is definitely going to wear me OUT in the next few years! What am I going to do with her??


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One Response to In 0.2 Seconds

  1. Lindsay says:

    hehe I see you have a little monkey on your hands as well! Sammy is climbing out of the pack n' play when he is over at my in-laws. We just bought a canopy for it 😛

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