Theme Park Thursday!

WARNING: Lots of pictures ahead!

Ok, so not technically a “REAL” theme park but close enough!

Thursday Mimi, Papa & Nonna took us to

GEDC0282To say we had a BLAST would be a complete understatement! Best fun we have had in awhile! This place is packed with things to do as well as an all you can eat pizza buffet! 

They have a HUGE video game room! This is where Connor wanted to spend most of his time! He loves playing games. He generally plays just the few he likes but he has gotten really good at them and now gets tons of tickets. Nonna played this game with him for a little bit. It is a kiddie version of Skee-Ball which he loves.


This was a pinball games of sorts. If you make the ball in a certain number you get the amount of tickets on the screen. He got champion several times which gave him about 35-40 tickets each time!

   GEDC0324 GEDC0325GEDC0326

Mimi played the Wheel of Fortune game and got the bonus spin. I believe she ended up with 25 tickets! GO MIMI!!!


Connor finally went to play the big Skee-Ball! One of my favorites! He and Papa like to play this game together!


They had a kiddie park that was just Kendall’s size. She loved going up and down the ramp. She held up a lot of other kids by turning around at the top to come back down! It took her some time to actually go down the slide but once she did there was no stopping her!!! Connor also had fun sliding and pushing Kendall in the swing!

GEDC0287 GEDC0288  GEDC0290 GEDC0357GEDC0358 GEDC0291GEDC0292 GEDC0293 

Jason & Kristen went on the Go Karts! They waited in line for an hour and fifteen minutes for a five minute ride! I guess it was worth the wait. They looked like they were having a good time!


Connor & Kendall got to ride the little train. Connor went with Nonna and had fun ringing the bell. Kendall went with me and did not have a good time and did not like that I was ringing the bell!GEDC0294GEDC0297

        We also got to enjoy a round of Putt-Putt Golf! Another on of everyone’s favorite things to do! Jason and Kristen missed out on this fun because they were waiting in line for the Go Karts! Connor LOVES putt-putt. He is actually really good at it! I think he got 4 holes in 1! Just not fair! Kendall took a ride in her stroller through this part! She was tired but never fell asleep! Too much action!

 GEDC0308 GEDC0309 GEDC0310  GEDC0312 GEDC0313 GEDC0314 GEDC0317

This was my ALMOST hole in one! And YES I took a picture of it because I was mad that it didn’t go in! See how close I was! It rolled up on right next to the hole and then went to the right! I got robbed! hehe!


Kristen decided that she wanted to ride the Bumper Boats. The fun thing about these is you can shoot water at the other people who are riding them. She was excited about that part! Kendall & Daddy had a fun time watching her from the fence. But when Kristen shot water and hit Kendall with it, she got mad and ran to me.

 GEDC0338 GEDC0339


Kendall got her hands dirty playing in the sand and Daddy was nice enough to wipe them off for her! Too cute!  GEDC0345

Kristen convinced Connor that he needed to ride the Teacups with her! I cannot ride those things because I get very motion sick! Just watching them makes me ill. Connor was so excited to go on them! I was proud of him for attempting to go on them!GEDC0347When he stayed on them I was really proud. I thought for sure he would make it through the whole ride!

GEDC0348WRONG! Kristen was spinning the cup pretty fast and as soon as the ride started he wanted off. He was dizzy and nauseous. You could tell by the look on his face. The attendant was nice enough to get him off for us. At least he tried! That is something with-in itself!

GEDC0351   The only thing we didn’t get to do was play Laser Tag! There was a 2 hour wait in line and it was just not worth that! We had such a fun day and can’t wait to do it again!

Thank you Mimi, Papa & Nonna for such a wonderful day!



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  1. Lindsay says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast! 🙂

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