4 Moms=9 Kids

What a wonderful St. Patricks Day we had! I got to meet up with some friends! Two of whom I have never actually met in person and one that I went to High School with! We are all on a Mommy forum together and chat all the time. It was so great to meet these girls, talk and watch our kids play together.

All 9 of them!

We first met a Chick-fil-A because they have a great little play place. We stayed there for two hours.

Then we decided to go to the local park. It is huge and was packed with kids since this is spring break. We had trouble keeping up with our kids. We ended up making them stay in one certain area! They all had such a fun time playing together!

Me, Summer, Amber & Mia!


The kids watching the train go by!


Kristen & Kendall


Mommy & Kendall


Kendall watching Jacob walk! She eventually tried to help him and he got mad at her! It was so cute to watch them!

S5030133 Amber with Jacob and Connor right before he ran off to the swing!

 S5030135 S5030136

Kendall with her new “bam-bam” and Mia pushing Isa on the swing!

S5030137 S5030138

Kristen pushing Kendall on the swing!


Connor & Junior in the play house! Connor jumped from the window!


Isa was literally about to fall asleep in this swing. Right after this she got down to run so she wouldn’t go to sleep!


Connor & Junior! They were starting to get tired by this point!


Isa was so sleepy!




Kaydence just swinging!


Mia & Isa!


It was such a fun day! Hope we all get to do it again really soon!


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2 Responses to 4 Moms=9 Kids

  1. amanda says:

    oh wow friend – how fun was that day?? love that you met up with some mom friends!! such a perfect day 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    Looks like an awesome day!!

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