A Thousand Words Thursday!

Daddy’s Catch of the Day!!!


Neither of them liked this too much! But we thought it was pretty funny!!!

Join Jen for more



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9 Responses to A Thousand Words Thursday!

  1. Bree Shaw says:

    looks like some good catches to me:)

  2. April says:

    Good times! Happy ATWT!

  3. Do it again, do it again! Why is that so much fun? Great pictures…

  4. Lindsay says:

    hehehe that is to funny! That is a great picture.

  5. Miss Jenn says:

    oh the things parents think are hilarious! now on another day they wouldn't have been able to get enough swinging around by their toes!!

  6. Lovin that pic!!! We always think things are funny that our kiddos don't… hee hee!!

  7. Mighty M says:

    Did he throw them back in? 🙂

  8. this is freakin hilarious! LOL

  9. The Mom Jen says:

    CUte shot, can't throw those back in! ;))

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