$1 Bin

As of late, I have not really been on the Target bandwagon. For those people that know me, I am sure they will find this mighty strange. As this was is my favorite store in the whole wide world. I have come to think it is highly overrated. Oh the horrors of thinking this. But for some reason I do!



I was on the hunt for Abby Cadabby anything after our trip to see Elmo Live. I knew that they had some stuff at Wal-Mart but once we got there, there was no Abby Cadabby stuff to be found. I had just decided to look online.


Connor suggested Target. That’s right! My 5 year old son thought Target was the best choice for our adventure! So, off we went!

Much to my surprise…


Were did we find her you might ask??


I was ecstatic. Sock & a book for the low, low price of $2!!! And Kendall was in love instantly!

S5030007 S5030004

Connor also found some good stuff in the dollar bins! Nothing like a little Lightening McQueen to make a five year old happy for the rest of the day!

S5030003 S5030005

So, Target, I have to say it was $4 well spent! I believe you have redeemed yourself as being my favorite store………

For now!!!


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2 Responses to $1 Bin

  1. Lindsay says:

    ooo I love the dollar bins! We just went to night and got these plastic animals for a buck each! Sammy loves them.. he holds them up and I make the noises and he laughs hysterically! I will have to watch for the sesame street stuff!!

  2. amanda says:

    i just told the hubby yesterday that i am pretty sure most of his paycheck goes to the target dollar bins!!

    which is why i am taking a target hiatus…

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