La, La, La, La-La, La, La, La Elmo’s World!

Sunday was an extra special day for Kendall & Connor! They got to go see

elmo08Thanks to Mimi, Papa & Nonna!!

How cute was this show? Well I’ll tell you!

SO CUTE!!!!!

Seriously, we all loved it!

Kendall was just excited to see Elmo & Abby Cadabby. Connor really understood the story! He also liked seeing all the characters!

Kendall & Connor with Elmo before the show and at the beginning of our souvenir extravaganza!


Kendall & Nonna100_5982 Connor & Kendall standing in front of the stage with their new t-shirts on!! We wanted them to sit on the edge of the stage but they wouldn’t let us put them up there!


Mimi & Connor

100_5985 Connor INSISTED that we get Cotton Candy! He was SURE that he would like it! I knew better but he got some anyway! I was not surprised when he didn’t like it AT ALL!!!!! Kendall also tried it and she was not really impressed!

100_5987100_5991 100_5990

So they decided that M&M’s were a much better choice!

100_5992 They both got Sesame Street binoculars and soccer ball. Mainly because the don’t share very well! Imagine that!

100_5989Once the show started they were very into it. Connor sat with Mimi the whole time while Kendall sat or stood by me! She didn’t want to be with anyone else. She did go to Mimi for about 5 minutes but that’s it! It was such a fabulous show!

100_6009 100_6008100_6002 100_6005



These were the insanely expensive wonderful balloons that they bring out during the intermission!


Of course, we ended up with two! That is the marketing tactic! Which works rather well. Bring out a bunch of Elmo balloons, parents/grandparents bring the kids up to the front to purchase said Elmo balloons and then parent/grandparent proceeds to FAINT when told the cost. But there is NO backing out of this purchase, as your child/grandchild is standing right there with you and would throw the BIGGEST fit in Elmo Live history if you didn’t purchase one!!! GENIUS!!

100_6024After intermission, it was Elmo and friends back in action!

100_6018100_6038     100_6014100_6025100_6026100_6035100_6040100_6041 100_6042


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2 Responses to La, La, La, La-La, La, La, La Elmo’s World!

  1. Mighty M says:

    Looks like fun – it's coming to our area too, but not quite close enough for a mid-week drive! Glad you had a good time!! 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    oooo very cool!! Looks like the kiddos had a blast!

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