Weekend Round-Up!!

Saturday we went to a birthday party for some of my really good friends. It was a dual party for my friend Amy’s daughter, Ava, and her grand mother, whom we all call Mema! Ava turned 2 and Mema will be 98 on Feb. 5th. Can you believe that? 98! I like to say 98 years young!! On top of being 98, she got a clean bill of health at her last doctors visit. Simply amazing! God is so good!

This is our family with Mema (in the gold shirt) and one of her long time friends (in the red shirt).


I did not get a picture of us with Ava because she wasn’t in the best of moods. There were so many people there and it made her a little uneasy! 

This is Ava! This picture is from last summer. Her hair is longer but that’s about it!


After the party, we headed to the mall to eat dinner with Mimi & Papa! Then it was off to the play area for a little bit!

102_5749 102_5753 102_5756

On Sunday we had a Super Bowl party at our house! Believe it or not, I didn’t take ONE SINGLE PICTURE!!! Even though we were not impressed with the outcome of the game, we all had a wonderful time!



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