PJ Flashback

It has been really cold here lately at night. Kendall only has so many pairs of warm footed pjs. Well, last night I realized that all of them were….you guessed it DIRTY!!! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do because all of her other pjs are shorts with shirts that are short sleeved. I didn’t want her to freeze.

Then it came to me.

I have some of Connor’s baby clothes packed away. I felt sure I had some warm pjs that she could use for just tonight.

And I was right!

Here’s the deal with these pjs. They were Connor’s when he was….are you ready for this??


That’s right 6 months old and they are a size 12 months.

Now, Kendall is almost 20 months old and can wear them perfectly.

That’s right 20 months old and they are a size 12 months.

Yep! Connor was a pretty hefty boy when he was little and Kendall is our petite little princess. With boy pjs on!!!

She was obviously very happy with her pjs last night! She would look down at the shirt and say “CAW” aka Car!

 102_5745 102_5746

Connor at his 6 month photo shoot!



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