What A Day!

Our day started off with none other than breakfast! Imagine that! Kendall likes yogurt and Connor likes waffles. However, today Kendall wanted to have a fruit cup and Connor decided to have Fruity Cheerios!!

We played all morning and Daddy came home for lunch! We had the ever so nutritious Macaroni-n-Cheese with hot dogs! This is one of my kids favorite lunches. Sad I know but they love it! Kendall especially! So much that she even puts it in her hair and the bowl on her head!

102_5721 102_5724

After lunch Kendall needed a bath due to the fact that she had mac-n-cheese on her head! So off to the bath she went and Connor followed just because….well….he was dirty! You know, boy dirty!

After nap and a snack we hit the park. It has been so warm here for January. The high today was 85 degrees. HELLO Mother Nature! It is JANUARY! But I am not complaining. We met Holly and Tyler at the park and had such a good time. It was nice to be outside and with good friends!


Connor finally decided that hanging from the Monkey Bars isn’t such a bad thing!

102_5728 102_5726

102_5730 102_5729

Kendall and Tyler both wanted to sit down but wouldn’t sit next to each other! It was too funny!


102_5735 102_5734

Kendall and Tyler on the steps. They were so cute together!


We ended our day with a short visit from Mimi and Papa, dinner and a trip to McDonalds for ice cream!

It was a good day!


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One Response to What A Day!

  1. Lindsay says:

    oo such a fun day! I love the one of Tyler and Kendall on the steps!

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