Better Photos!

There are so many things I can do with my new program. One of them is the borders I can put on my photos. They have several different choices. Below are two of them. I particularly like the first one. I also love the water mark. You can make it a number of different sizes, put it on several different places on the photo and choose from any font that you have on your computer!

I have always thought that blogger distorted my photos a little. So I wanted to do a comparison of the two!!


This first one was done thru Live Writer and the second one was done thru blogger!


Same order here!


So what do you think?


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4 Responses to Better Photos!

  1. Lindsay says:

    wow they are so much sharper! I installed the program last night.. I am going to play around with it some during nap 🙂

  2. Mighty M says:

    Live writer looks MUCH better. I'm gonna check it out!

  3. Krystyn says:

    Wow! That does look a lot better…I might have to do some experimenting!

  4. amanda says:

    thanks for the tip…def going to check it out!!

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