The Park!

We hit the park yesterday! Our city has a very large park that has all kinds of cool stuff to do! They have a walking trail that is forever long, softball fields, disc golf, a pool, numerous play areas, pavilions and even ponds where you can fish and feed the ducks. We decided that we would let the kids ride their bikes and play at one of the play areas! It was a nice day out. I believe it reached 70 degrees, which was a nice change from 40!!! It was so nice to be outside even though the wind was a little more than I desired! Connor got on his bike that he got from Santa and rode like a champ. He has kind of been scared of it until today! He was watching Kristen ride and wanted to do it like her. So, off he went. Not too fast but he did it!!!!! Kendall sort of rode her tricycle but she was more interested in “pway”!!! She just loved the play area! She was all over that thing! Certainly a little daredevil! We are in for some trouble with her!!!

And off he goes!!!
Climbing with the help of Daddy!
They love the slide!
Kristen was swinging so high she was making me nervous!
Sliding with Sissy!
She was getting tired while she was swinging!
To wake up Sissy took her to slide again! This time by herself!!
Daddy and his girls!
Mommy and Kendall!
Cutest couple EVER!!!!
Our handsome boy!
Studying a rock! Very serious!
Down the slide he came!
Kristen waiting for Kendall to find her! That never happened!
Kendall giving Mommy a heart attack going up the ladder by herself!!
Concentrating on walking across the bridge!
Riding Sitting on her tricycle!
Kristen laying on the slide! Riding your bike is hard work!
Walking to the van with Connor’s Sesame Street helmet on! It is very soon to be her helmet!

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One Response to The Park!

  1. Lindsay says:

    OOO looks like you guys had so much fun!! I love the one of your two littlest ones on the slide.

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