Crafts R Us!

Last night we got crafty!! It was so fun to have all of us involved. We made a Gingerbread Christmas Tree & our Ornaments for the year!!!

The center of my table with our Tree!

The Making of a Christmas Tree!

Our finished Ornaments!
{The undecorated one it for Kristen! She wasn’t here for the fun:(!}

Each of us hanging them on the tree!

Next up:
A Gingerbread House & Santa Cupcakes!!
Stay Tuned!!
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One Response to Crafts R Us!

  1. summermade says:

    Those are cute Heather! Love that tree too! Where did you find that?

    We did a Gingerbread house yesterday it was fun! It was our first time doing one!
    I love that Kendall is on the table reminds me of Kaydence!

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