This week has been all about being thankful. Connor and I have been talking about what it means to be thankful. When I asked him what he was thankful for he said he is thankful for Yo Gabba Gabba! (GAG!) Because they teach him cool songs. Not exactly what I was trying to get across but at least he gets the idea!!!

So I thought I would tell you what I am thankful for. The expected answers are family and the things we have. For instance health, a roof over our head, heat, a car, money…….etc. You get the idea. Although I am thankful for all of the things fore mentioned, very thankful I might add. I am thankful for other things too.

This year I have to give a shout out to the Pilgrims and Indians. I am so thankful for all of you. Without you, Pilgrims and Indians, we wouldn’t even get to enjoy this FABULOUS meal each year. I mean, look at it. Could it get any better than this??
Oh, YES. It can get better. To whom ever decided it was a wonderful idea to also serve Ham at Thanksgiving, I am thankful for you today!!!
Nap time!!! I am SO thankful for you!! There is nothing better than eating all the wonderful things above and then taking a great snooze!!! You, nap time, help us get out strength back just in time for a yummy snack and………
FOOTBALL!!!!! Can’t leave you out. I am thankful for you, Thanksgiving Day football!!! Tomorrow will be the biggest and possibly the most important game of the season.
The Texas Longhorns vs The Texas A&M Aggies!!!

I am thankful that we get to celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope yours is as wonderful as ours is going to be!!!
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